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Great Ormond Street - Series Two


May 08 2012

Filmed over the course of a year, this series marks the second time Films of Record have gained unique access to Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Six episodes offer unique access into some of the Hospital's most challenging and complex cases. 

The programmes highlight the difficult ethics underlying daily decisions in  the Hospital.

Order as follows:-

1.  ‘A Difficult Line’
Observes doctors and parents grappling with the dilemma faced when a treatment for cancer in children can have a detrimental impact on the child's health.

2.  ‘A Chance at Life’
Follows exeprienced surgeon Mr Edward Kiely and his colleagues as they conduct what many perceive as impossible surgical procedures and no guarantee of long-term success.

3. ‘Buying Time’
Portrays the cardiothoracic transplant team as they deal with the difficult  decisions surrounding transplantation.

4.  ‘A Delicate Balance’
Looks at the intensive care and respiratory teams as they question when it is no longer to continue treating patients.

5.  ‘Decisions for Life’  ( Cardiac 2 )
Focuses on the work of Great Ormond Streets’ Cardio-thoracic Department as they treat new born babies with complex heart problems.

6. ‘Experimental Surgery’ ( Experimental Surgery )
Great Ormond Street's cardio-thoracic surgeons as they perform some of the most difficult and cutting-edge surgery in paediatric medicine. For some children, who can't be cured using tried and tested methods, the only option is experimental surgery. However, surgery on the edges of what is possible carries the highest risk and often the long-term benefits are uncertain.