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CERN People - A new Films of Record collaboration involving Google+ Page and You Tube

February 22 2012

CERN People is a Google+ Page and Youtube channel featuring short films about and musings from people inside the European Organisation for Nuclear Research at CERN – the biggest and most powerful scientific research institute in the world. 

It will follow a handful of physicists throughout 2012, which promises to be the most important year for physics in a generation, and offer a chance for users to comment on and interact with real people at CERN. CERN brings together some of the most brilliant and ambitious minds in science from over 100 nations – people who could be earning millions in the private sector – to pursue pure knowledge about the ghost-like subatomic particles of which all everything we know is composed.  

CERN People, and the feature documentary that will emerge from it in 2013, explores the motivations, aspirations, fears, and desires that keep this extraordinary research facility going, deepening our knowledge about the most fundamental questions of existence. 


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ROGER GRAEF Executive Producer

Roger Graef OBE is the CEO of Films of Record, a company he founded with colleagues in 1979, and launched with THE SECRET POLICEMAN’S BALL. He is an award winning filmmaker, criminologist, broadcaster and writer. He is best known for his unstaged observational films in normally closed places like board rooms, ministries, prisons, probation, family therapy, hospitals, special schools, and social work. His films have influenced policing and criminal justice policy: the handling of rape victims, race issues, sex offenders, and juvenile justice. In 2004 he was the first documentary maker to be awarded the BAFTA Fellowship for lifetime achievement. In 2006 he was given an OBE. He was Visiting Professor at Oxford University, and  now Visiting Professor at the Mannheim Centre for Criminology at the LSE,. He is an Independent  Advisor to the Metropolitan Police on race. He is a commissioner on the RIBA Future of Homes Commission, and has been Chair of the theatre company COMPLICITE for twenty years.


LIZ MERMIN Producer/Director

Liz Mermin is a London-based director from New York whose documentary films explore a range of contemporary subjects – personality quirks of Irish Racehorses (HORSES), culture-clashes between American and Afghan hairdressers (THE BEAUTY ACADEMY OF KABUL), and the links between Bollywood, gangsters, and vigilante cops (SHOT IN BOMBAY).  Five of her films were for BBC’s Storyville strand, four were released in cinemas. She has directed many television docs and series (for Arte France Germany and PBS, ABC, Sundance Channel in the US).  Reviewers observe that her work provides an entertaining mix of humour and social critique, without preaching or judging.As the daughter of a theoretical physicist, she is particularly excited about the CERN films, which will benefit from an expert consultant on hand at all times.