Brett: A Life with No Arms


October 12 2015

Brett Nielsen has no arms because his mum took thalidomide. Film-maker Roger Graef's 1965 documentary One of Them is Brett was an extraordinary story about a spirited four-year old's fight for identity and survival. His parents sold up and moved from Australia to Britain to get Brett the medical help he couldn't get there.

Fifty years later, whatever happened to him? Roger has tracked him down in this follow-up film which tells the story of Brett's life since he was a child. Brett's now a musician, record producer, businessman and a loving single dad with three ex-wives. And he's in love yet again. It's a film about passion, optimism and fun, a story of triumph over adversity. In the words of Brett, 'it doesn't matter what happens to you in your life, it matters how you deal with it.'.